Things To Do

Explore Your Ancestry

If you are coming to Ireland to explore your Ancestry, may we suggest that you employ the assistance of a good Geneologist for a couple of hours of research BEFORE your planned arrive date in the country. Time and time again we have heard that years of our guests personal research can be dug up by a professional geneologist in a matter of hours. This could be the most personally rewarding  investment you will ever make. The Man below is a personal friend of our family and a very decent honest chappy. He also has a thing or two to say about Yeats also. You can trust him to find your roots!

Click here for information on Tony Hennessy.


Have Fun with your Kids!

Click here for a wonderful half or full days activities.  It is not cheap but it is a lovely Zoo and you will have a wonderful time.

Visit some “Old Man” Pubs!

There are many pubs in this town, a lot of which have been dolled up to keep up with what is perceived as the New Dublin. They are modern, clean and some might say Sterile environments. They are not what we are talking about when we say “Old Man” pubs. Our favourites are the pubs which just don’t seem to change with time and fads. They are the places which by simply not trying to impress you, do just that! May we suggest that you have a pint (or cup of tea) in:

The Stags Head, on a lane just off Dame Street

Grogans, At the back of Powerscourt Townhouse.

The Long Hall, on Georges Street; the pints are brilliant!